Affordable iPhone Battery Replacement

Affordable iPhone Battery Replacement

Affordable iPhone Battery Replacement 

Are you also looking for an option for affordable iPhone battery replacement? So you don’t need to worry as Repaireex is here to help you. We will be providing you with an affordable battery replacement. We can understand the problem of a battery once it starts creating the problem. 

As we know, the battery is the main component of running a phone. As it starts decreasing the performance. So here we at Repaireex will help you with your iPhone battery issue so that you can start using it again without an issue.

Common Battery Issue A User Faces- 

  • Battery Drain– The most common issue a user faces is the draining of the battery. Many users see that battery reduces even when using the phone less.  
  • Overheating– iPhones get heated up while using it or by getting exposed to high temperatures. Due to this it reduces the battery’s health over time and affects its performance.
  • Slow Charging- Sometimes it is seen that the iPhone takes a long time to charge. So this indicates that the problem is in the charging cable or maybe in the port which leads to battery reduction.
  • Decreasing Maximum Capacity– By the time, the iPhone starts causing battery issues then it starts leading to a decrease in its maximum capacity. So it leads to shorter battery life. 

More Issues An iPhone User Faces Rather Than Battery Replacement-

  • Broken Screen– Sometimes by mistake or some sudden accident it leads to the broken screen of the phone. Which causes problems for the user.
  • Software Update– No doubt while updating the iPhone it brings new features but sometimes it brings up compatibility issues or slow download speed.
  • Storage Issues- The most common problem a user faces is the storage space. Due to this, it reduces the app updates and device performance.
  • Camera Issues– As sometimes cameras may cause issues such as blurry photos and videos affecting their performance.
  • Touchscreen Issues– Users also experience problems with touch screens sometimes they become unresponsive. 

Why Choose Us For Any iPhone Issues-

  • Technicians– We at Repaireex use highly skilled technicians for the repairs. We have level 4 technicians. Our technicians are highly trained and use the latest technology for the repairs.
  • Parts– We believe in using only original spare parts for the repairs. As for us, our customer satisfaction is the main motive so we do not believe in using duplicate parts we use only original parts.
  • Fastest Repairing- We believe in providing our customers fastest repair so that they can get back their devices. So for that, we provide repairs within 24 Hours.
  • Warranty– Moreover with every repair we provide 6 months of warranty so that if our customer faces any issue can report us back.
  • Testing– Before returning the device to our customer first we do the testing of the device to ensure that the device is working properly. 


So if you are facing any issues with your iPhone whether it be battery replacement, screen damage, heating, or any other issues Repaireex is here to help you at an affordable price. So for more information contact us.


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