Best Place To Buy Refurbished iphone

Best Place To Buy Refurbished iphone

Best Place To Buy Refurbished iPhone 

If you are searching for the best place to buy a refurbished iPhone, we at Repaireex are ready to help you. We at repaireex will provide you with a refurbished iPhone at an affordable price.

We at repaireex do not just sell smartphones but we provide you with second-hand iPhones that someone abandoned. Moreover, we provide you with them of excellent quality.

What are refurbished iPhones?

So refurbished iPhones are the phones that have been sold by the previously owned phones that have been returned to the manufacturer.

So then the device is inspected, repaired if there is some problem and then they are restored to a fresh new condition. Then phones are again resold to the customers at a lower price.

Steps which we do before selling the refurbished iPhones-

  • Check–  Each second-hand iPhone goes through an assessment to see its condition and check for the defaults.
  • Fix- If any phone is found with a default then it is repaired immediately or the parts are replaced with genuine parts.
  • Cleaning- The iPhone is cleaned throughout to remove any dust or dirt from it and if in case it needs a replacement screen it is done.
  • Testing- Once everything is done, the iPhone tests to check its performance throughout. So all the necessary things are checked like battery, camera, display, etc.
  • Result- So once the iPhone testing is done then it is sent for resale again.

Why choose us for refurbished iPhones-

We at Repaireex always believe in customer satisfaction and providing the best to our customers. Moreover, we provide them with an affordable cost so that their money is saved. Not only that we also provide them with a six-month warranty.

Buying from us does not mean that you are buying a second-hand iPhone. But it means that you are buying a phone with all the premium features

 Our Price For Refurbished Phones-

Apple iPhone 15 Pro 1,20,999 256GB 8GB
Apple iPhone 15 69,999 128GB 6GB
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 67,799 128GB 6GB
Apple iPhone 13 43,099 128GB 4GB
Apple iPhone 12 36,700 128GB 4GB
Apple iPhone 12 Mini 30,600 128GB 4GB
Apple iPhone 12 Mini 30,600 128GB 4GB
Apple iPhone 11 26,500 128GB 4GB
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 35,000 256GB 4GB
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 32,500 64GB 4GB
OnePlus 7 12,500 128GB 6GB
OnePlus 7 Pro 18,500 128GB 6GB
Realme 8 9,500 128GB 8GB
Redmi Note 9 Pro 7,400 64GB 4GB

For more details regarding more models and refurbished iPhones visit our website and contact us.

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